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Lutheran South Academy exists to secure the immediate future of our students by preparing them academically for their college years, to secure their extended future by preparing them to be Christian leaders as adults, and to secure their eternal future by developing their relationship with their Lord and Savior.

Lutheran South Academy's main goal is for every student to develop a saving relationship with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The ideal graduate will not only possess this personal relationship, but will also be a Christian model and witness to the world in which they live. Graduates will live life abundantly assured of their eternal salvation.

The academic potential of every student will be met while attending Lutheran South Academy. Understanding that there are a wide variety of academic abilities represented, Lutheran South Academy will provide a high quality academic program to meet the needs of everyone from the average student to the National Merit finalists.

The key to a well-rounded education is involvement in school activities outside the formal curriculum. Lutheran South Academy will provide experiences for its students, ranging from fine arts to athletics, that will improve skills and increase social maturity. The students at LSA will be involved, happy, and feel like an important member of the LSA family.

Leadership must be taught, modeled and practiced. The ideal graduate of Lutheran South Academy will provide Christian leadership in the home, church, community and workplace for the next generation. Our society needs leaders with strong, moral courage to stand for what is right in our changing world.