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LEAH Schools Online

In partnership with Orange Lutheran High School, LEAH Schools has added the option of an online learning experience for those students who wish to enroll as a full-time online student or with a blended schedule of online courses mixed with classes taken on campus at Lutheran South Academy (LSA). 

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Orange Lutheran Online (OLO) has been a leader in Christian online education for over a decade and offers a selection of courses in all departments to allow students to broaden their academic experience and customize their learning schedules. Through this partnership, LEAH Schools Online offers 42 courses, with core courses that are NCAA approved and numerous elective and dual credit options. Our courses are designed to meet iNACOL standards for quality online courses and are taught by our own highly trained teachers. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are available, and we continue to add AP and honors level courses through our online portal each year.

Students can take all their classes online or choose a blended schedule with a maximum of four on-campus courses and a minimum of three classes online at a lower tuition rate.

Full Time vs Blended

Full Time

LEAH Schools Online classes are offered in accelerated 8-week semesters. A full-time online student takes three or four courses at a time and can complete a year-long course in 16 weeks. A typical student can complete three or four courses in the fall term and three or four courses in the spring.

At LNA and LSA, there are two terms in our academic calendar, fall and spring.  Each term is comprised of two eight-week semesters for a total of 16 weeks.  We also have a summer semester.


With the blended option, students take a maximum of four on-campus classes and a minimum of three online classes during the school year. New applicants who wish to apply for the Blended Online Program must go through the regular campus admission process as well as submit the blended student application form. Current students who wish to transfer to this program do not need to reapply, but must fill out the application form and submit to the registrar for approval.


  • A 2.0 unweighted GPA (on-campus and online), both cumulative and in the semester before enrolling in the Blended Program
  • Registrar Approval
LEAH Schools Online makes a diploma attainable to full-time online students from anywhere in the world.