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Middle School

In the Middle School program, we help students meet their full potential and prepare for high school.

A healthy mix of academic challenges and personal growth opportunities keeps the students focused on reaching their personal best all the while being their best selves.

Middle school is a unique and exciting time of change as students move from childhood to young adulthood.  Thus, these are special, exciting years as students experience sudden bursts of growth, not only in their bodies, but also in their spiritual, academic and social lives. Understanding this is critical as we guide our students learn who they are and how they learn best.

Exceptional Teaching Starts with Understanding Students' Needs

We know that no two students learn in the same way, so we individualize our program to help each student find success. In the classroom, teachers utilize creative approaches so that students not only learn conceptually, but they also learn how to learn effectively. Through our small class sizes, engaging teacher/student relationships, and genuine concern for each student, we emphasize social/emotional growth through personal relationships, academic excellence through critical thinking, and commitment to community through leadership and extra-curricular opportunities

Classes are taught using different teaching techniques such as small-group discussions; lecturing/note-taking; or assigning and supervising collaborative, hands-on projects, all of which give students a well-rounded foundation upon which they can build successful futures. 

Partnering with Parents

We believe that parent involvement is critical to the success of our students. Our faculty members and administrators are committed to partner with our Middle School students and their families as they travel through these interesting, and often challenging, years. 

middle school science lab

Optimal class size and personalized mentorship fuel our success.

Our teachers take the time to know each of their students, ensuring their unique needs are met. Students feel comfortable and confident contributing to classroom discussions.