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Affording LSA

The LEAH Schools Tuition Assistance Program is a need-based program that helps make an exceptional Christian education at LSA affordable to all families, particularly those who cannot pay full tuition without assistance.

Several factors are taken into consideration when determining a family's eligibility for tuition assistance, including annual income, assets, investments, debt, number of children in tuition charging schools, and cost of living. 

Tuition assistance is available for K-12 families only.

To apply for tuition assistance, a student must first be an applicant at LSA (K-12). Following receipt of your admission application, you can apply for tuition assistance  through FACTS.  Upon completion of the FACTS application process, families will be notified via email with an award letter. 

Please note: Applying for tuition assistance has no impact on admission decisions.


Please be assured that this information is kept in strict confidence by our school. A family's financial situation is known only by the Financial Aid Committee. Billing processes throughout the school are designed to keep a family's financial circumstances confidential.



How do I apply?  Applications for tuition assistance may be completed online through FACTS. Lutheran South Academy adheres to a needs-blind admission policy, meaning that a family's ability to pay tuition and fees is not a factor admission decisions.

Do I qualify?
Each family's situation is unique, and the ability of a family to contribute financially is based on many factors, such as combined salary, available assets, or number of children in tuition-required schools. LSA also requires both parents, regardless of their marital status, to submit annual tax returns. Families who qualify must have students in grades K-12th.

How long is financing available? Awards are made for a single year only. Families must reapply for tuition assistance on an annual basis.

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