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Students attend Houston World Affairs Event

On August 30th thirteen students from LSA attended a Greater Houston World Affairs event about Brazil and what will be the aftermath now that the Rio Olympics games are past. Was this expense worth it for Brazil? Was the press coverage fair? Why didn’t Pele make an appearance? (Was he really in bad health?) Brian Winters, Editor-in-Chief of Americas Quarterly, who authored a recent book, Why Soccer Matters, explained paralleling the life of Pele to the Brazilian economic history, and also authored the book, The Accidental President of Brazil, spoke on several of these topics. The Brazilian Consul General of Houston, Hermano Telles Ribeiro, introduced Mr. Winter. Students attending were Alexander Baldwin, Francesca Bertini, Rachel Bivens, Serena Everett, Mark Giugliano, Collin Koza, Huy Le, Shelby Oliphant, Virginia Sabatini, Jacqueline Sharples, Laura Simpson, Katarina Straub, and Dylan Wood.