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Tuition & Affording LSA

An LSA Education is more affordable than you think!
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We understand that sending a student to LSA is a significant financial investment for a family.  Private schools must charge tuition and LSA is no exception. Lutheran South Academy believes in a high-quality faculty, modern facilities, and excellent programs. We believe that we need to provide the little extras that truly make us an exceptional school. We also realize that this raises the cost, but at the same time we know that the cost is worth it. This means that we must find ways to make it affordable for every family. Realizing the financial commitment of a private education, Lutheran South Academy provides tuition assistance to qualifying families in Kindergarten -12th grade. 

The goal of our Tuition Assistance Program is to make LSA an affordable educational experience for families wishing to receive an exceptional Christian education.

Each year LEAH Schools distributes a total of over $3 million to students in all three of our schools, Lutheran South Academy, Westlake Prep, and Lutheran High North. Over 30% of the student body at LSA receive some type of financial assistance with average tuition assistance equaling $8,400 per student. Applying for financial aid has absolutely no impact on admission decisions. Our goal is to support families who demonstrate financial need, which is calculated using FACTS. Recipients of tuition assistance represent a broad range of income levels.


Tuition and Fees for 2021-22

Rates reflect cost if paid in full in 11 monthly payments, June through April. $250 discount if paid in full by May 31. Please note: Tuition assistance recipients are not eligible for paid in full discount. 

  • PK3 & 4 (Includes lunch, snack and extended care)
    •  3 Day/Week: $8,750
    •  5 Day/Week: $12,150
  • Kindergarten: $13,300
  • Grade 1: $14,000
  • Grade 2-5: $14,900
  • Grade 6: $15,650
  • Grade 7-8: $16,500
  • Grade 9-12: $17,600

New Student Application Fee: $100
New Student Enrollment Fee: $295
Re-enrollment Fee (returning students):

  • Priority re-enrollment before January 31: $295
  • Re-enrollment after February 1: $425

Lutheran South Academy requires payment of all tuition and applicable fees to be paid via an auto draft. Payment is due by the 1st of each month and may be paid on the 5th or 20th day of the previous month via auto draft through FACTS Billing.


ADDITIONAL FEES (billed separately, not included in tuition)

Cafeteria: Various Options
Extended Care: $6 per hour
W.I.N.G.S. (Paid in full in September or 7 monthly payments, September-March)

Grades 1-3 (2 Day/Week): $1,150
Grades 4-5 (3 Day/Week): $1,450

Advanced Placement Testing: $92.00 per test
Dual Credit Courses: $360 (Grades 11-12)

MS Athletic Participation Fee: $100 per sport

MS Athletic Transportation Fee: $100 per season

HS Athletic Participation Fee: $150 per sport

HS Athletic Transportation Fee: $125 per season

Senior Graduation Fee: Approx. $120

Tuition Payment Options

LEAH Schools requires each family to set up a tuition account with FACTS. We offer two payment options for the payment of tuition and tuition-related fees.

  • Payment in full. If you pay by May 31, you will be eligible for a $250 early payment discount. Does not apply to I-20 students or tuition assistance recipients.


  • Eleven monthly payments to commence in June and end in April, to be drafted the 5th or the 20th of the month. Students may not begin the school term without payment arrangements secured and at least one payment submitted.

Customized payment plans may be approved by the accounts receivable manager and will be assessed a $25 monthly service fee, not to exceed $250. 

Sibling Discount

A sibling discount is available for families with multiple children currently attending LEAH Schools. 

  • 2 children attending LEAH Schools - $1,000 total
  • 3 children - $3,000 total
  • 4 children - $6,000 total
  • The fifth child and beyond receives a 50% discount for that child.

LEAH Alumni Discount

$300.00 per student
A student is eligible if parent or grandparent graduated from Lutheran High South (LHS), Lutheran High North (LHN) or Lutheran South Academy (LSA).


Referral Discount

A referral discount of $250 will be applied to a family that has successfully recommended a new family to attend a LEAH Schools. The new family must remain enrolled for a minimum of 60 days. The referring family must be disclosed on the application of the new family for eligibility.

International Students

Grades 9-12 International I-20 Tuition: $22,600.00  

(Includes fees: books, activity fees, academic fees, technology fees, academic fees, and yearbook)

Application Fee:$100.00

International New Student Enrollment Fee: $750.00

Returning International Student Enrollment Fee: $295.00

  • Enrollment fee & tuition must be paid in full to receive I-20 documents.
  • Application and enrollment fees are non-refundable.
  • Tuition is refundable only if the applicant is denied an F-1 Visa.
  • International students are not eligible for financial aid or discounts.
Please be assured that this information is kept in strict confidence by our school. A family's financial situation is known only by the Financial Aid Committee. Billing processes throughout the school are designed to keep a family's financial circumstances confidential.

We encourage all interested families K-12th to apply for tuition assistance!


How do I apply?  Applications for tuition assistance may be completed online through FACTS. Lutheran South Academy adheres to a needs-blind admission policy, meaning that a family's ability to pay tuition and fees is not a factor admission decisions.

Do I qualify?
Each family's situation is unique, and the ability of a family to contribute financially is based on many factors, such as combined salary, available assets, or number of children in tuition-required schools. LSA also requires both parents, regardless of their marital status, to submit annual tax returns. Families who qualify must have students in grades K-12th.

How long is financing available? Awards are made for a single year only. Families must reapply for tuition assistance on an annual basis.