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High School

LSA provides a superior college preparatory academic experience integrated with a consistent Christian approach to learning.

Lutheran South Academy strives to assist young people in preparing for the future. A rigorous academic curriculum within a strong spiritual community is the foundation of our philosophy. Through daily prayer, Bible study classes, and contact with Christian teachers, students are provided with opportunities to grow closer to Jesus while preparing for their post-graduation endeavors.  

Most of the academic courses taken at LSA are determined by the graduation requirements of the State of Texas. All of our requirements are in compliance with the standards of the Texas Foundation High School Program, which are the minimum set by the legislature and adopted by the Board of Education for all students in Texas to graduate from high school.

Students who complete the required credits listed below will graduate from LSA with the Distinguished Level of Achievement and the Multidisciplinary Endorsement.


Includes English 1, 2, 3, 4
Must include Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 and a fourth math elective
Must include 1 credit each in biology, chemistry and physics, and a fourth science elective
Social Studies 
Includes 1 credit each in Ancient World History/Geography, World History, and U.S. History and .5 credit each of U.S. Government and Economics
Foreign Language 
Credits must be in same language
Fine Arts
0.5 credits for each semester; both semesters must be in same discipline.
Students are required to take Communication Applications, Teen Leadership, or Debate (1 credit)
0.5 credits for each semester in attendance at LSA
Physical Education 1
Electives 5.5
TOTAL 30 credits



Students may also graduate with an additional one or two endorsements beyond the required Multidisciplinary Endorsement. They can choose to work toward the Arts & Humanities Endorsement, Business and Industry Endorsement, and/or the STEM Endorsement.

  1. Multidisciplinary Endorsement (Required)
    Students must complete four credits of math including Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 and four credits of science, including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

  2. Arts & Humanities Endorsement (Optional)
    Students may choose to complete one of the following paths:
    Path 1: 4 credits in one or two Fine Arts areas (Art, Band, Choir)
    Path 2: 4 credits Spanish or Mandarin
    Path 3: 2 credits each in Spanish and Mandarin
    Path 4: 5 Social Studies credits

  3. Business & Industry Endorsement (Optional)
    Path 1: 3 years of Yearbook
    Path 2: 3 years of Newspaper
    Path 3: 3 years of Broadcast Journalism

  4. STEM Endorsement (Optional) Science, Technology, Engineering, Math
    Students may choose to complete one of the following paths:
    Path 1: 5 math credits; Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, two additional math courses above Algebra 2
    Path 2: 5 science credits, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, plus two additional science courses

Students who are enrolled in LEAH Schools Online are required to complete the same number of credits to graduate. This applies to students who are enrolled full-time online and to those who have a blended schedule, which allows a maximum of four on-campus classes and a minimum of three online classes during each school year.

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Individual passions for music, art, athletics, journalism, mathematics, or science will influence which electives students will take. However, when deciding which courses to take, we encourage students to keep as many doors of opportunity open as possible. Therefore, each student should plan as challenging a program as he/she can successfully handle. In this way, all of our students will be better prepared to pursue their changing interests as adults.

  • Hours of Dual Credit: 31
  • Advanced Placement Courses: 20
  • Honors Courses: 14

We encourage all of our students to give the attention to planning their four years of high school the importance it deserves, and to be sure to include prayer as an integral part of the planning, so that each will be guided by God to find his/her place in this life!



Dual credit courses are available to juniors and seniors who meet requirements to take college courses while in high school. Students who successfully complete dual credit courses receive three college credit hours directly from San Jacinto College as well as credit for the high school course. The college credits may also transfer to other colleges and universities. A total of 18 college credits can be earned through dual credit courses.


While academics are critical, the core philosophy is the development of the whole individual within a Christian learning community.

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