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Choral Music

Choral Music
As Martin Luther put it: "Next to the word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world."  The music department at Lutheran South Academy is committed to helping its students discover this treasure.  First, to give them a means glorify and honor God and secondly, to enable them to explore and enjoy the beauty of music.

The choral program at LSA is designed to provide students with a thorough, age-appropriate, vocal music experience through a sequence of instruction in proper vocal technique and musicianship.  Students will learn the proper methods of vocal tone production and diction; will learn the fundamentals of ensemble singing including balance, blend, and intonation; will develop their skills in sight-reading and rhythmic accuracy; and will learn to sing together expressively.

Throughout the school year, students will experience a wide range of musical styles and will perform in a wide range of venues.

Lower School General Music
Our lower school music program is about exposing our students to music through a variety of mediums.  In PreK and Kindergarten, students are taught childhood songs, popular Christian contemporary music, and have the opportunity to participate in two music programs, one at Christmas and the other in the Spring.  Our 1st-4th grade students are introduced to the foundations of music through singing and other general music techniques as they work to improve their musical literacy and performance capabilities.  They also have the opportunity to participate in two music programs, one at Christmas and the other in the Spring.

Middle School Choir
Choir is an elective class starting in 5th grade and is available to all 5th-8th grade students who have an interest in singing.  Membership in the middle school choir is fun and it serves as a great foundation builder for future choral activities.  The LSA Middle School Choir performs at the Christmas Concert in December and in the Spring Concert at the end of the school year.

High School Concert Choir
Concert Choir is a fine art elective for high school students.  It is open to all students; however, membership in smaller ensembles within the choir is an opportunity provided by audition only.  The LSA High School Concert Choir performs at the Christmas Concert and in the Spring Concert at the end of the school year.  In addition, the choir also performs at various church and community venues throughout the year. The High School Choir also participates in the TAPPS vocal music competition, which gives students the opportunity to perform as a choir, in small ensembles, and as solo performers. 
The members of the Concert Choir at Lutheran South Academy live out Psalm 135:3 which says: "Praise the LORD, for the LORD is good; celebrate His lovely name with music."