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Pre-Kindergarteners (three-year old level and four-year old level) explore the world with their senses through varied activities and experimentation.  The curriculum for these two age groups revolves around monthly themed units with specific objectives for Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Religion.  Skills for physical, cognitive, emotion, social, aesthetic, and spiritual development are interwoven within the academic areas.   
Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies are incorporated into themes which include Back to School; All About Me; My Family and Friends; Time, Weather and Seasons; January, My Neighborhood; Living Things; The World Around Me; Habitats; and My Favorites. Specific objectives for each unit in Pre-Kindergarten Three differ from the objectives of Pre-Kindergarten Four. Within these monthly themes the religion curriculum teaches the children that Jesus loves them and is their Friend. The Bible stories are presented in chronological order so the children know Jesus as the Savior who takes away sin and is always present in their lives. The concepts from the Bible stories make application to the young child’s life in today’s world.
Individual work in centers, as well as large and small group times, integrates the development of the whole child. Learning centers provide opportunities for hands-on reinforcement of concepts and skills that have been introduced in a group setting. These centers are deliberately planned and organized to give support to the themes, skills and concepts.
Pre-Kindergarten classes participate in Physical Education, Music and Spanish. Students present two programs during the course of the school year, a Christmas and a Spring Program. Students experience Art through planned activities related to the monthly themes. Various media are incorporated into both the guided activities and the free exploration centers. Students are active in worship through weekly Chapel services and through service projects.