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Graduation Requirements

Lutheran South Academy strives to assist young people in preparing for the future. A rigorous academic curriculum within a strong spiritual community is the foundation of our philosophy. Through daily prayer, Bible study classes, and contact with Christian teachers, students are provided with opportunities to grow closer to Jesus while preparing for their post-graduation endeavors.   Most of the academic courses taken at LSA are determined by the graduation requirements of the State of Texas.

Your passion for music, art, athletics, journalism, mathematics, or science will influence which electives you take. However, all of the choices you make regarding your high school courses should be made with the idea of keeping as many doors of opportunity open as possible. Therefore, you should plan as challenging of a program as you can successfully handle. In this way, you will be better prepared to pursue your changing interests as an adult.   We encourage you to give the attention to planning for high school the importance that it deserves. Be sure to include prayer as an integral part of your planning, so that you will be guided to find God’s place for you in this life before we all join Him in the next!