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Class Lessons & LINKS

Decoding Media Bias

7th Grade


Part One: Media Bias Introduction
Where do you get your news?  Be specific.
Have you ever passed on a news story that you didn't even read?
Part Two:  Watch We The Voters film “MediOcracy”.



Part Three: Media Website Examination - Handout (In Class)


Part Four:  Fake News Introduction

What is it?  How does social media play a role in it?


Part Five:  Watch this news story:

Part Six:  Fearless Fact Finding & Reverse Image Search







7th Grade Texas History
Who's Who in the Texas Revolution
Use these Resources:
Texas Almanac
In Ebsco Host - Go to
Texas Reference Center
Ask Mrs. Ward for UN/PW
6th - 8th Grade Digital Media Lessons
Check Out this Blendspace of Resources
5th Grade Social Studies
Colony Day Research
Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut
Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware
Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia
5th Grade Research --
Blendspace Lesson - 6th Grade
1930's - The Depression (books, videos, articles)
Classroom Connection: Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt
Blendspace Lesson - 11th Grade Literature
Arthur Miller & The Salem Witch Trials
Classroom Connection: The Crucible
Blendspace Lesson - 7th Grade Literature
Mystery and Suspense Resources
Classroom Connection:  Wolfrider by AVI
Library Lesson - BANNED BOOKS
Blendspace Lesson -6th,7th, 8th Literature
Holocaust Resources
Classroom Connection: NIGHT, The Devil's Arithmetic, Rifka
HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT GENRES? - 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Literature
Take a quiz and find out!
8th Grade - Gothic Novel Conventions