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Middle School

In LSA's Middle School program, we help students meet their full potential and prepare for high school. A healthy mix of academic challenges and personal growth opportunities keeps the students focused on reaching their personal best all the while being their best selves.

Middle school is a unique and exciting time of change as students move from childhood to young adulthood.  Thus, these are special, exciting years as students experience sudden bursts of growth, not only in their bodies, but also in their spiritual, academic and social lives. Understanding this is critical as we guide our students learn who they are and how they learn best.

Exceptional Teaching Starts with Understanding Students' Needs

We know that no two students learn in the same way, so we individualize our program to help each student find success. In the classroom, teachers utilize creative approaches so that students not only learn conceptually, but they also learn how to learn effectively. Through our small class sizes, engaging teacher/student relationships, and genuine concern for each student, we emphasize social/emotional growth through personal relationships, academic excellence through critical thinking, and commitment to community through leadership and extra-curricular opportunities

Classes are taught using different teaching techniques such as small-group discussions; lecturing/note-taking; or assigning and supervising collaborative, hands-on projects, all of which give students a well-rounded foundation upon which they can build successful futures. 


Each student in grades 6-8 participates in the 1:1 laptop program and receives a MacBook Air to use at school and at home to complement the educational experience at LSA. This allows teachers to integrate the use of technology for activities such as note taking, study skills, organization, presentations, and much more, and allows the learning environment to reach far past the confines of the classroom. 

Partnering with Parents

We believe that parent involvement is critical to the success of our students. Our faculty members and administrators are committed to partner with our Middle School students and their families as they travel through these interesting, and often challenging, years. 

Lutheran South Academy uses a daily core curriculum, enriched with additional courses and electives to meet the needs of our students.

Core subjects include the following:

  • Spiritual: Spiritual Life courses are Bible-based courses studying our salvation from a historical perspective and making it come alive through a relational perspective.

  • Language Arts: Language arts receive special emphasis by receiving a double block of time to study literature and composition.

  • Mathematics: We offer courses  through Geometry, thereby allowing students who excel in math to complete Statistics through a normal progression through senior year in high school.
  • Science: Science courses are integrated and are laboratory-based.
  • Social Studies: Students in grade 6 study geography. In grade 7, our students study Texas history and in grade 8, American history.

  • Spanish: While not required, Spanish courses lay a foundation of vocabulary to better equip students to continue taking Spanish in high school.

  • Physical Education: In our physical education curriculum we teach physical fitness, and team and individual sports in an organized setting.

  • Technology: Students are taught a wide variety of computer skills and programs using the latest state of the art equipment.

  • Electives: Students can choose one of three Fine Art electives: Band, Choir, or Art.

  • Exploratories: This is a unique opportunity for students to experience a variety of unconventional topics. Students fill out an interest survey and are then placed in 6-week classes based on their input. Exploratory classes meet one day a week for approximately 40 minutes. Some of the courses offered include: rocketry, DOGA, dancing, wood-burning, writing, video editing, cultural crafts, strategy games, drawing, and ultimate frisbee. Students get to participate in three classes per semester. This experience is designed to expose students to new skills in a fun and relaxed setting.


Accelerated Curriculum

Lutheran South Academy accepts students with a wide range of academic ability. Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all our students while preparing them for eventual college acceptance. Most core classes are designated as Pre-AP and even available for high school credit for qualified students.

Family Groups

The Middle School student body and staff are divided into 12 family groups. Each group has a faculty leader and between 15-20 students composed of students from all three grade levels. This group meets during a designated time each day. Group activities include Bible study, character education, and team building exercises. The goal of family groups is to ensure that each student has a connecting point and an advocate.

Our faith in Christ is the basis on which we build everything we do at LSA. Religion is much more than chapel programs and memorizing Bible verses. Faith in Christ will make a difference in lives now and in eternity. The goal of the Religion curriculum at LSA is for students to build a foundation to be productive, active members of Christian congregations, both now when they are students and in the future as they become young adults.


Once a week, all Middle School students gather to join in a worship setting. As the students learn proper behavior for meaningful worship, they participate in songs, prayer, and hear a Christ-centered message applicable to their lives. LSA faculty members or guest speakers, who present the message, always reassure the students of the hope they can have through Jesus' death and resurrection for their salvation. Students are incorporated into worship through service roles in addition to occasionally helping with leadership or with musical or dramatic performances.


Throughout the year students are given opportunities to give back to people or organizations where there are needs. In past years, students have collected Christmas toys to share with children who are less fortunat, and they have given of their time to help around LSA in clean up projects. They've also provided assistance to missionaries over seas or to organizations in our community withofferings collected during chapel.

Students at Lutheran South Academy are expected to dress in a manner that exemplifies moderation and good taste. We do not allow clothing or accessories which include profanity, vulgarity, anti-Christian symbolism, “dark” themes such as skeletons, graves, etc., or advertisement of alcohol or drugs. If an accessory is questionable, the measure for acceptance is based on whether or not the item is causing a distraction to learning and/or the classroom activities. To that end, all students are required to wear uniforms and are expected to dress according to the LSA dress code. Uniforms may be purchased from Flynn O'Hara School Uniforms. Students may also wear Nike LSA apparel (with restrictions) as part of their uniform. These items can be purchased from our Nike Spirit Store on campus.
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Optimal class size and personalized mentorship fuel our success.

Our teachers take the time to know each of their students, ensuring their unique needs are met. Students feel comfortable and confident contributing to classroom discussions.

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